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Welcome to Fundog behaviour and training! My name is Jos and I am truly passionate about training. I hold a Diploma in Animal Behaviour and Training through COAPE ( My journey has been 'interesting' with some very steep learning curves along the way, but I now feel I have found my special niche in the dog training world. I grew up in South Africa  and have always been surrounded by animals. I currently have 2 dogs, Jake and Riley, both working cocker spaniels, two horses, and 4 cats. They provide me with plenty of opportunity to observe lots of behaviour and keep me on my toes!

I am also a veterinary nurse and have worked in practice for over 25 years. This has led me to become certified as a Fear Free professional and I was involved with all the co-operative care training at my clinic.

I have also gained my certification in Canine Fitness through the University of Tennessee and I am a certified Dynamic Dog Practitioner. This has really given me great insight into canine physical health and wellbeing. I look forward to meeting you and your companion and sharing your training journey

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