Concept Training

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My training methods are scientifically based, kind and fun. Games based training focuses on wiring the brain in a certain way to train concepts. So what are concepts? Instead of training sit, down, stay etc which are merely behaviours, I focus on training essential life skills such as optimism, impulse control, calmness, grit, resilience, independence....the list goes on. As you can see, these are way more important to your dog than learning how to sit on command.  The added bonus is that you will feel excited to train using this method, instead of it feeling like a chore - games based training is truly addictive.

It is also very effective for more serious behaviour issues. Most of the cases I see are dogs that are really struggling to cope in the world and when we focus on rewiring the brain to be more optimistic and helping them develop more effective coping strategies, then they can start to enjoy life a bit more, and you can start to enjoy having a dog again. I know personally how hard it can be to have a 'difficult' dog, but no dog or relationship is lost - there is always a solution. That is my promise to you.