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 Behaviour consultations

Behaviour struggles can be very frustrating and can leave you feeling that there is no hope. But there is always hope and once you have a better understanding of your dog's issues, and some strategies and support, then you can begin your behaviour modification journey with a positive mindset. Historically, behaviourists have focused on changing the end behaviour, but recent advances in our understanding of the dog's emotional brain means that we now focus initially on restoring a calm and confident mental state, make sure your dog's physical and mental needs are being met, THEN focus on training specific behaviours to help. My approach to behaviour cases is to firstly ensure that there are no health issues that may be affecting your dogs's behaviour. This is why veterinary referral is so important.  The behaviour modification programme is designed to "reshape" your dogs brain in a positive way, change how he perceives the events that cause him worry or frustration and help him make better choices. All in a fun , positive way that doesn't even feel like training. You and your dog deserve to live your best life together and I am privileged to help you on that journey.

Behaviour cases:

Costs: £380 - this includes a 2 hour initial home visit consultation with video and written resources as well as a 3 week initial plan. It also includes a zoom catch up 10 days into the plan and a second visit 3-4 weeks later for a follow up and 2 months of help via e-mail or phone.

These consultations can be done via zoom or a home visit. Additional visits are £50 -£80 /session plus travel costs

For certain cases, continued follow up sessions are required

Dog-dog or dog-human reactivity cases or aggression cases: 

These are complicated cases that take a lot of time, patience and understanding and one session is simply not enough. This package includes an initial assessment and preliminary training plan, plus  3 follow on visits which are flexible according the the case (for example, online, in person, new environment, my field). This kind of case will require you as the guardian to fully commit to a training plan and become your dog’s personal trainer with my support. 

Package cost: £500 plus 3 months support via e-mail/phone. Follow up visits after the 3 included are £50 -£80/session.

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