Puppy Classes

Your puppy's training journey is so very important to get right. But there's so much more to training your puppy than just teaching a 'sit' or a 'down'. Your puppy is an emotional being and so much of his or her's behaviour will be as a result of an underlying emotional state such as fear, frustration, over excitement. Gaining an understanding of this and how to manage your puppy in these moments, is a gamechanger. As your puppy is not able to attend outdoor classes until they are fully vaccinated, I offer one to one zoom sessions or home visits if appropriate. The zoom sessions have proved to be really popular and successful during the covid pandemic and allow me to give in depth advice and help through the first few weeks of puppy ownership. We will discuss socialisation, toilet training, puppy mouthing, calmness training, enrichment and so much more. It is also so much easier to delve into particular struggles which is simply not possible in a class situation. Lots of wonderful resources are provided too. 

Cost: £100 for 4 week course age 8-13 weeks  (but happy to provide for older puppies too)

Outdoor Puppy classes (Limited availability)

These are suitable for puppies aged 14 weeks to 6 months old. With only 4 puppies in a class, this enables me to give individual training within a group and also make sure we can tailor make the class to suit your puppy. We will cover all the usual training but with a games based 'flavour' to make it fun for everyone, At this early age, relationship building is crucial, as well as creating a confident, happy , focused dog in all sorts of environments.

Cost: £115 for 6 week course. The first week is a zoom call to discuss the format of the class so you know what to expect and to get your puppy ready for a new experience. We will discuss reward strategies and equipment too.

Adult dog One to One Training sessions

Training classes do not suit all dogs, especially if they have reactivity issues or have had a bad experience with other dogs in the past. Individually tailored training sessions at your home or suitable location of your choice. The theory of how dogs learn is covered as well as important training concepts. These sessions can focus on fixing existing struggles or perhaps you are just bored with traditional training and have run out of ideas. We can have a fun and effective session incorporating components of games, dog sports and body awareness skills - the world is our oyster!

Initial session is £40 at my field, £50 if I travel to you.

Ongoing training sessions are £20 per hour in my field, £35 if I need to travel to you

Mileage at 50p/mile from my home